New Referee Training &

Thank you for your interest in becoming a referee and for your important role in making youth soccer possible! There are several steps involved in becoming a referee for Wave Soccer Club.

  1. You must get your certification from the Minnesota State Referee Committee. You need at least a grade 8 certification to become a referee for WSC.
  2. You need to register with the US Soccer Foundation (USSF) account by logging on to Minnesota State Referee site. Register and follow the instructions to get FIFA certified for the first time or to re-certify.
  3. You need to meet the requirements for Concussion training and Background Check.

Having completed your certification or recertification, you can sign-up to be a Referee with WSC!

Please visit to get registered and indicate you are interested in accessing Wave Soccer Club in the “preferences” tab.  We are group #1639. Detailed instructions can be found in the Assigning Tools document at the bottom of this page.

When serving as a referee, please:

  • Greet coaches before the game and let them know if you have any concerns prior to kick-off.
  • Blow your whistle loudly.
  • Make calls confidently and with authority.
  • For younger players, politely offer reasons for your call. This helps them continue to grow in understanding of the rules of the game.
  • We expect our players, coaches, and parents to be respectful before, during, and after the games.

Additional Information

For Current Users:

If you already have a login with another Assigning group in GameOfficials, please follow these instructions to get set up with your new group:

  1. Login at with your username and password
  2. Go to Personal Info > click My Assignors or Main Menu > click My Assignors
  3. On the My Assignors page, click Show for Join New Group
  4. Enter the ‘Group/Assignor Number’ and ‘Group Access Code’
  5. For Group / Assignor Number: 1639
  6. For Group Access Code: 1639
  7. Click on Join Group

For New Users

A “New User” means you do not have an account anywhere in GameOfficials. Please follow these instructions to request a username and password to get logged into GameOfficials:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on New Official?
  3. In the Group Number and Access Code, enter the following: Group Number = 1639 Access Code = 1639
  4. Click Continue
  5. Enter the following information: Name, First & Last, Email address, Username, Password
  6. Click Save (Create New Account). If an account was created successfully, you will see a popup window to confirm that you have created an account. Click OK on the popup. You will also receive a “Welcome” email from GameOfficials.
  7. Now, type in your new username and password, and click Log In
  8. After you login for the first time, check the box “I Agree with these Terms,” and click Continue.
  9. On the Users Maintenance page, enter your personal contact information, and any required text fields in Red.
  10. Click Save

Contact Information

Referee Mentors:

  • John Beecher
  • John Bunker
  • Marilyn Porter
  • Wes Schaller
  • Shaji Varghese
  • Ted Cahill
  • Ajay Varghese

If you have any questions, you can reach out to our Director of Referees.